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Some natural picture's

First time I saw twilight in the river of Padma and the sun reflection in the river.

I love evening twilight

How nice this wild flower is! When I saw this flower then I pick flower and took picture.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Greetings to all

Happy christ mus day.

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Alleviation of Poverty in Bangladesh

Poverty is a big problem of Bangladesh. In the Bangladesh most of the people are passing their lives under poverty. There are many reasons of poverty; such as: illiteracy, over-population, lack of working association etc.

If the rich people come to help the poor people than I think poverty can be removed. We can also help the poor children to be educated. In Bangladesh we have home service holder in most of the house. Poor women and children work at rich people’s houses. We can teach them in the house besides their working. In the local area the educated people can give awareness to the poor and illiterate people on the birth-control. I think in these ways we can remove our poverty.

Global English

Global English is the most widely used international language. It is learnt to operate communication with the foreigners for various purposes, such as -maintaining co-operation, co-existence and exchanging business information. There are also certain jobs in the country which require a good functional knowledge of Global English. Besides, if a student wishes to go for studies in other countries he must learn Global English. So, I think that we should learn a foreign language. English is an internationally accepted language. It is essential to communicate with foreigners. The importance of English can not be described in words. All that is the best in European and American thought is available through English. We need to learn English for our higher education. To learn this language, skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking are essential.

I maintain a diary and opened a blogsite for English writing practice. I write my every day’s activities in English. And sometimes I publish my blog writing on my blogsite.

I think if I keep writing only on a diary then I can’t be able to point out my mistakes. So when I publish my blog writings on my blogsite then I can point out my mistakes through different comments. Then I rewrite and practice more.

I like to read a lot of books written in English and sometimes I read English newspapers. In order to develop my spoken skill I always speak with my friends and teachers. But some of my friends are not interested to speak in English. They are shy to speak. Some of them laugh at me. But I do not pay any heed to them.

I think I can learn English by writing and reading more in these ways.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Insufferable hot

Dhaka is a biggest city of Bangladesh. Always there having traffic jam. It is biggest problem in our country. Populations are passing time hours by hour in these insufferable hots.

Night Jasmine

This is Night Jasmine. Its Bengali name is Shiuly. This flower blossom in winter and its blossoming time in night. Night Jasmine is so much beautiful. So she blossom in night, withers and fall in the morning. This being the fact bashful Night Jasmine keeps secret among the earth.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sun mirror image

Sun mirror image


Natures mirror image in the pool


Ducks are playing in the pond

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Board of Arbitrators

Board of Arbitrators

This is board of arbitrators. It situated in the old Dhaka. Dhaka is the biggest city in Bangladesh. Of this kind, moreover board of arbitrators having every parts of old Dhaka. Here social all problems talk about and solve a problem. That burdened with the responsibility of marrying a daughter’s father his marriageable daughters give in marriage have no ability, that father’s help this board of arbitrators. There have a library. This organization doing social service for wishing public good.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Portrait of David

David Sasaki is my respectable person. He is a very famous person. Some days ago, he came in Bangladesh. One day his some movement sound well me. Then I pick up his photo. Although covered his face for camera, not with standing I like this photos. Therefore, I share to all my sound well photo’s.
David Sasaki

David Sasaki

Monday, September 8, 2008

The sun reflection in the pool

The sun reflection

Sun sparks of fire earths excited, suffused with perspiration, fatigue and exhaustion bright in the sun midday’s doing terrible. Violent hot temper unable to stay in passing life. Arrogant and boisterous movement doing all people’s wants peace in the water. When very sunshine hot, then water’s be hot. Not with standing fatigue as if removing this water. So month of Bhadrow’s hard sunshine’s midday sun as if his temper less bathing in the pool. As if this picture the sun reflection in the pool.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Visit of Ahsan Manzil

Ahsan Manzil

Some days ago some of my friends and my younger sister with me visit Ahsan Manzil. We don't knew when, what time open or close Ahsan Manzil. That day while we arrive at this place then time 12.30p.m o'clock and we saw notice board opening and closing time.

Ahsan Manzil

That day was Friday. That day visiting time was 3.00p.m. Then we have been in a tight corner. For the reason that 2.30 hours waiting opened for Ahsan Manzil. We are thought, what can do? At last we come to a decision we wait for open to Ahsan Manzil. But those time we what to do?

Ahsan Manzil

Then we gone to Ahsan Manzil's back side. Nearby Ahsan Manzil's have Buriganga river. We are all one pick up some picture. Ahsan Manzil's back side look like very nice.
Not only we are waiting there, another visitor waiting there. At last 3.00 p.m. o'clock we enter Ahsan Manzil. We are all enjoying this day and saw the Ahsan Manzil enjoyment.

Ahsan Manzil

Ahsan Manzil is a very nice place. There are saw many things. Ahsan Manzil is a part of national museum. This museum is very charm full. This museum have used by Nawabs household many kind articles. There has a Model, Octagonal Table, Rock chair, Ivory works, Elephant skull with Tusk, Electric kettle, Electric Meter, Inaugural ceremony of Dhaka electric supply, Founder leaders of the all India Muslim Leagues photo (1906), State bed room, War-materials, etc. Have a photo of creator leaders of the all India Muslim confederation (1906). Have fruit- Dish(German silver porcelain and metal), Soap-case(metal), Pot with LID(metal), Otto-pot (silver), Rose-water sprinkler(silver), Aftaba (metal), Surahi (metal), Hukah vase(metal), LID of the chillum (metal), Flower-vase, Hukkah vase, Spotton (metal), Khasdan (silver), Pandan (metal), Candle stand(object used by the Nawabs), Water Tup(metal), Jug(porcelain), Water glass, Dry Battery(porcelain), Electric meter(metal), Electric Kettle(metal), Inaugural ceremony of Dhaka Electric Supply(Imagined pending, 7 december,1901 A.D) etc. Along with many elephant this named "Feroz Jung" was very faithful and favorites to Nawab Abdul Ghani. This state bed room have a bed, Almirah, Dressing-table with another things.

Dynasty chart of Nawabs Dhaka

1. Khaja Abdul Hakim Kashmiry

2. Khaja Ali Mullah

3. Nawaba Abdl Goni

4. Nawab Ahsanullah

5. Nawab Solimullah

6. Nawab Habibullah

I amazed to see the museum and enjoying we are all.

There we saw some foreigners came to visiting with our countries historical heritage sites this ‘Ahsan Manzil’. Then I talked to Japanese visitor's with Momo and Sawata. They are very lovely to see the ‘Ahsan Manzil’ and enjoying to rootless child. I am very happy there are enjoying our country.

In this manner we out side stand in the way after I am beside oneself with joy. Because my all friend's passed enjoyable time with me.
I am very proud because I am Bangladeshi. And Bangladesh have many historical place. Our country is very beautiful. I say to all " Visit our country and watch our country's gorgeousness."

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I don't saw famine ever afterwards. Just hearing and reading leaf of book. Demand for food by what means human died without food. Driven by hunger by what means collected rotten food eat from soiled-rubbish. Even human not find food then they are eating leaf, soiled-rubbish. When I reading this word leaf of book, that time that view's float away my own eye's. But I don't trust it. some days ago I look at the photo's man. When I saw the man then I wounded in the heart. In this manner he sit beside in dustbin and eaten rotten food. When this since I observed then I remember that famine stricken famished person's word. Now a days our country have many slain poor man, who half-eclipse, without food spend days and die. Same same many rich man having our country, if they helping this kind slain poor man , in that case distress limit something diminish half-eclipse, without food spend days not again. Ever afterward not gathering rotten food not eaten from soiled-rubbish. So who are economically solvent they are a little bit kind, that on the other ever since not reflect to our.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Spring season

The spring season is come back
So, gladden of very much
Gloomy of south site.
Pay heed to, win good will
At that day, he to me—
Be settled in her family life.

Rain fall

Cloudy sky, cloudy day,
Eyes suffused with tears rain
Not blow violently how far!
Today suddenly cloud,
Roar clam our abate ruin
It is all up drop rain fall.
This cloud this shower
As though dumb invention!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Tokai is common word of bangle. It means one who collects or picks up the abandoned things. Our country have more then one Tokai. There have no home, no hearth. There puts on rags and patched up clothes. Putrid small comes from there body and dress. There purpose about in the streets collecting up torn papers and clothes, wood and other refuses. He maintains his livelihood by advertising persons equipment. Tokai pass their night on the verandahs of shops, pavement of streets or railway platform. If he can save money he goes to the cinema hall to enjoy a film. The Tokai figure outstanding when the political leaders need to show a large number of groups. They hire the Tokais from the street and give them packet lunch. At some stage in strikes they are hired for picketing. They also join intolerant processions.

You can learn more about tokais on Sujon's post.

Monday, August 11, 2008

My favorite teacher

Ananto Kumar Sharkar, he is my school teacher. He is my most favorite teacher. He teaches us math and science. He has stock of teaching experience. We willingly stay for his class and everybody keeps silent in his class. He teaches us smoothly. His teach is special, specially his teaching technique is exceptional. He discusses all student what’s the matter? We don’t feel frightened to ask him question if we fail to realize. He maintains a nice relation with the student. his honesty and concerned be a pull me must. All student like him. He is very honest. He is a Hindu person, but he respect our Islam. His school life he chosen Islam subject and he learned Islam. All Ramadan month he make a gifted Holy Quran on Mosque, giving away in marriage Holy Quran, Jaynamaz and Tobji. He is a charitably person. I can’t forget him.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Potteries shop

Recently I visit Dowel-Cottar. This place are very nice. I saw some potteries shop. This shops are gratefulness. This shops are stand by in rows outside of Bangladesh Children Academy. Shopkeepers are verities things make by soil glamorous. Shopkeepers are glamorous potteries merchandise sit there. That’s are charming of all. I also like this place. So I pick up this shops some part and I share to my likable of all. Here made by soil verities showpiece, wall-hanging, made by soil doll, tub, made by soil bank, handicrafts bag, soil ornament, copse ornament, verities copse showpiece, flute, flower pot etc with another things. Many visitor visit this place and bought their choose able things.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Friend means liking
Love of two hearts
Friend means a bit of hope
Dreams in the mind.
Friend means the feeling
Of a lovely touch
Remaining together
Like a couple of birds.
Friend means the vast sky
The home of cloudy sun
Friend means the serene light
Wet morning of dew drops.
Friend means extremely happy
Angry at times
Somewhere in the heart, though
A feeling of attraction.

Education for Girls

Most of the girls in our country are given marriage at a very early age. But if a girl can spend many years in pursuit of learning then an educated women generally marries later. Because of her education and late marriage, she is to birth fewer children and provides better care and nutrition for herself and her children. Moreover, there is higher probability of survival for herself and her children. Because of better education her children become well-educated when they grow up. This process will continue like a cycle generation if a girl is once given a proper education. Thus female education can bring out a change for the better.

Friday, July 18, 2008

My mom

My mother name is Aushru. She is a house wife. She is very strong. My mom look like black but she is very beautifull. I love my mom, she loves me. My mom's childhood spend her villege home Bicrompur. She was very naughty. Her naughtyness make thinks too hot for one. She all day long wander about jungle. She is very talented. My mom sing song very nice. Our dress make also my mom and dresses design her own design. Our dress also like all. My get one's demand fullfilled she. My mom is great.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hello, world. I am Jesmin Ara Amzad Lita.
My favorite fruit is mango. Because mango is a juicy and sweet fruit. Sour mango's pickles is tasty for me. Other fruits Watermelon, Banana, Orange, Pineapple, Apple, Guava I like. I make also jam, jelly, scows, pickles, mango bar etc. I don't add any medicine. I like to make it and serve to my guest's.