Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Alleviation of Poverty in Bangladesh

Poverty is a big problem of Bangladesh. In the Bangladesh most of the people are passing their lives under poverty. There are many reasons of poverty; such as: illiteracy, over-population, lack of working association etc.

If the rich people come to help the poor people than I think poverty can be removed. We can also help the poor children to be educated. In Bangladesh we have home service holder in most of the house. Poor women and children work at rich people’s houses. We can teach them in the house besides their working. In the local area the educated people can give awareness to the poor and illiterate people on the birth-control. I think in these ways we can remove our poverty.

Global English

Global English is the most widely used international language. It is learnt to operate communication with the foreigners for various purposes, such as -maintaining co-operation, co-existence and exchanging business information. There are also certain jobs in the country which require a good functional knowledge of Global English. Besides, if a student wishes to go for studies in other countries he must learn Global English. So, I think that we should learn a foreign language. English is an internationally accepted language. It is essential to communicate with foreigners. The importance of English can not be described in words. All that is the best in European and American thought is available through English. We need to learn English for our higher education. To learn this language, skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking are essential.

I maintain a diary and opened a blogsite for English writing practice. I write my every day’s activities in English. And sometimes I publish my blog writing on my blogsite.

I think if I keep writing only on a diary then I can’t be able to point out my mistakes. So when I publish my blog writings on my blogsite then I can point out my mistakes through different comments. Then I rewrite and practice more.

I like to read a lot of books written in English and sometimes I read English newspapers. In order to develop my spoken skill I always speak with my friends and teachers. But some of my friends are not interested to speak in English. They are shy to speak. Some of them laugh at me. But I do not pay any heed to them.

I think I can learn English by writing and reading more in these ways.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Insufferable hot

Dhaka is a biggest city of Bangladesh. Always there having traffic jam. It is biggest problem in our country. Populations are passing time hours by hour in these insufferable hots.

Night Jasmine

This is Night Jasmine. Its Bengali name is Shiuly. This flower blossom in winter and its blossoming time in night. Night Jasmine is so much beautiful. So she blossom in night, withers and fall in the morning. This being the fact bashful Night Jasmine keeps secret among the earth.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sun mirror image

Sun mirror image


Natures mirror image in the pool


Ducks are playing in the pond