Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Tokai is common word of bangle. It means one who collects or picks up the abandoned things. Our country have more then one Tokai. There have no home, no hearth. There puts on rags and patched up clothes. Putrid small comes from there body and dress. There purpose about in the streets collecting up torn papers and clothes, wood and other refuses. He maintains his livelihood by advertising persons equipment. Tokai pass their night on the verandahs of shops, pavement of streets or railway platform. If he can save money he goes to the cinema hall to enjoy a film. The Tokai figure outstanding when the political leaders need to show a large number of groups. They hire the Tokais from the street and give them packet lunch. At some stage in strikes they are hired for picketing. They also join intolerant processions.

You can learn more about tokais on Sujon's post.


David Sasaki said...

I was with Sujon-bhai today when we saw many tokai on the street. It is very sad. Sujon told me that he thinks there are more tokai every year.

What do you think is a good way to help them?

jesmin-lita said...

Thanks for your comments. Many tokai create every year that true. I think be engaged in studies beside allowance are good way to help them.