Monday, August 11, 2008

My favorite teacher

Ananto Kumar Sharkar, he is my school teacher. He is my most favorite teacher. He teaches us math and science. He has stock of teaching experience. We willingly stay for his class and everybody keeps silent in his class. He teaches us smoothly. His teach is special, specially his teaching technique is exceptional. He discusses all student what’s the matter? We don’t feel frightened to ask him question if we fail to realize. He maintains a nice relation with the student. his honesty and concerned be a pull me must. All student like him. He is very honest. He is a Hindu person, but he respect our Islam. His school life he chosen Islam subject and he learned Islam. All Ramadan month he make a gifted Holy Quran on Mosque, giving away in marriage Holy Quran, Jaynamaz and Tobji. He is a charitably person. I can’t forget him.

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