Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Board of Arbitrators

Board of Arbitrators

This is board of arbitrators. It situated in the old Dhaka. Dhaka is the biggest city in Bangladesh. Of this kind, moreover board of arbitrators having every parts of old Dhaka. Here social all problems talk about and solve a problem. That burdened with the responsibility of marrying a daughter’s father his marriageable daughters give in marriage have no ability, that father’s help this board of arbitrators. There have a library. This organization doing social service for wishing public good.


David Sasaki said...

That is fascinating. I didn't know that such an instutition even existed.

Romi said...

And it's a very pretty building too!

Can the public watch as the people with the issues are being addressed, or are the meetings private?

jesmin-lita said...

Hi david, how are you? thank you so much for your comments.Till now such an institution existed.