Monday, September 1, 2008

Visit of Ahsan Manzil

Ahsan Manzil

Some days ago some of my friends and my younger sister with me visit Ahsan Manzil. We don't knew when, what time open or close Ahsan Manzil. That day while we arrive at this place then time 12.30p.m o'clock and we saw notice board opening and closing time.

Ahsan Manzil

That day was Friday. That day visiting time was 3.00p.m. Then we have been in a tight corner. For the reason that 2.30 hours waiting opened for Ahsan Manzil. We are thought, what can do? At last we come to a decision we wait for open to Ahsan Manzil. But those time we what to do?

Ahsan Manzil

Then we gone to Ahsan Manzil's back side. Nearby Ahsan Manzil's have Buriganga river. We are all one pick up some picture. Ahsan Manzil's back side look like very nice.
Not only we are waiting there, another visitor waiting there. At last 3.00 p.m. o'clock we enter Ahsan Manzil. We are all enjoying this day and saw the Ahsan Manzil enjoyment.

Ahsan Manzil

Ahsan Manzil is a very nice place. There are saw many things. Ahsan Manzil is a part of national museum. This museum is very charm full. This museum have used by Nawabs household many kind articles. There has a Model, Octagonal Table, Rock chair, Ivory works, Elephant skull with Tusk, Electric kettle, Electric Meter, Inaugural ceremony of Dhaka electric supply, Founder leaders of the all India Muslim Leagues photo (1906), State bed room, War-materials, etc. Have a photo of creator leaders of the all India Muslim confederation (1906). Have fruit- Dish(German silver porcelain and metal), Soap-case(metal), Pot with LID(metal), Otto-pot (silver), Rose-water sprinkler(silver), Aftaba (metal), Surahi (metal), Hukah vase(metal), LID of the chillum (metal), Flower-vase, Hukkah vase, Spotton (metal), Khasdan (silver), Pandan (metal), Candle stand(object used by the Nawabs), Water Tup(metal), Jug(porcelain), Water glass, Dry Battery(porcelain), Electric meter(metal), Electric Kettle(metal), Inaugural ceremony of Dhaka Electric Supply(Imagined pending, 7 december,1901 A.D) etc. Along with many elephant this named "Feroz Jung" was very faithful and favorites to Nawab Abdul Ghani. This state bed room have a bed, Almirah, Dressing-table with another things.

Dynasty chart of Nawabs Dhaka

1. Khaja Abdul Hakim Kashmiry

2. Khaja Ali Mullah

3. Nawaba Abdl Goni

4. Nawab Ahsanullah

5. Nawab Solimullah

6. Nawab Habibullah

I amazed to see the museum and enjoying we are all.

There we saw some foreigners came to visiting with our countries historical heritage sites this ‘Ahsan Manzil’. Then I talked to Japanese visitor's with Momo and Sawata. They are very lovely to see the ‘Ahsan Manzil’ and enjoying to rootless child. I am very happy there are enjoying our country.

In this manner we out side stand in the way after I am beside oneself with joy. Because my all friend's passed enjoyable time with me.
I am very proud because I am Bangladeshi. And Bangladesh have many historical place. Our country is very beautiful. I say to all " Visit our country and watch our country's gorgeousness."


bint battuta said...

Ahsan Manzil looks beautiful; thank you for writing about such an interesting place.

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Thanks for your comments